Alligator Staple Fasteners

Alligator Staple Fasteners / Alligator Ready Set Staple Conveyor Fasteners with pre-inserted alligator staples and a one-piece strip design makes splicing quick and easy to undertake. The features and benefits of the alligator staple fasteners include: Strong and impact-resistant splice / Abrasion resistant splice and the front edge of the alligator staple fastener is beveled to allow it to interface smoothly with conveyor components.



Alligator Staple Fasteners / Alligator Conveyor Belt Staple Fasteners have been designed for medium to light duties on synthetic carcass conveyor belting. The Alligator Staple fasteners makes ideal us of their high tensile properties and stainless steel staple attachment, in association with an extended plate design. This unique design of the Alligator Staple Fastener separates the point of fastener penetration from the line of belt flexing to eliminate splice fatigue at the point of belt attachment.


Features and Benefits of Alligator Staple Fasteners include:

  • Strong and impact-resistant splice.
  • Abrasion resistant splice.
  • The front edge of the alligator staple fastener is beveled to allow it to interface smoothly with conveyor components.


Alligator Conveyor Belt Staple fasteners are produced in strips with a bridge between each fastener plate. These strips are designed in a way that minimises the possibility of individual parts dislodging into the conveyed product.

The one piece design provides a stronger splice, greater resistance to impact damage, and a smoother, unrippled joint that simplifies hinge pin insertion. Staples are hammered through the fastener and belt, working between the carcass fibers without severing them. The Alligator belt staples are then clinched cross-wise to the belt, so that belt tension does not pull against the staples to unclinch them.

Applications for Alligator Conveyor Belt Staple Fasteners include, bit are not limited to these use groups: Package and Parts Handling / Cased Goods / Food / Wood and Agricultural Products.


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